Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

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My little Spiderman!Trick or TreatingHanding out candy to the trick or treaters!
Parker handing out candy at home....this by far was the highlight of my evening! I don't think he had ever had so much fun in his life! For those of you who don't know...our neighborhood is serious about Halloween! The neighbors go all out decorating their yards! I swear between the 3 houses that do all the decorating...they must own every inflatable Halloween decoration ever made! It is seriously CRAZY!!! And because it is one of the nicer neighborhood's in Murphysboro, we get SLAMMEd with trick or treaters! So this year, after we did some trick or treating of our own, we decided to go home and let Parker pass out candy at our house! He had an absolute blast! He was luring them in from the streets! It was HILARIOUS! I had to take a video......

He was yelling at the kids "Mere....I got treats!".....LOL! This will definitely be a new tradition at our house for Halloween! I swear the child had more fun passing out candy then he did going door to door getting candy for himself! In fact, at one point we ran out of candy and he decided to give the candy away he had in his own treat bag just so he could hand out candy to the kids!

Parker & Elayna (Spiderman & Tinkerbell)

This was kinda an uneventful Halloween for Griffin, but we decided to get him in the Halloween spirit, with a little "Baby MD" costume onsie that his Aunt Chrissy got him in Texas! I think he looked quite handsome! Mommy's very own "McDreamy" :)

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Anonymous said...

love that you took the video, very special moment, hate that I wasn't home to see it in person. will definitely be a tradition for me next year to be there to see him do this. Love my grandsons they are both little sweeties, can't get enough hugs and kisses from both of them. Love you boys!
ma ma Tashey