Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Little Monkey!

So about 3 weeks ago, Parker started walking and now....he's climbing! I managed to get a few pics of his new trick! As you can see by the pictures, he likes to grab a hold of the the window, steps up on the trim and then pulls himself up with his arms and legs so that he can see out the window. In these pics he is playing peek-a-boo with his Aunt Cortney, but sometimes he will just do it to look outside and watch the cars drive by! He is definitely all boy! I have a feeling I am going to have my hands I don't already!

Happy Boy!

I took these pictures of Parker a couple weekends ago at my parents' house after dinner one Sunday evening. Parker was in a really good mood and full of smiles, so I had to take advantage of the situation. I thought these pics turned out really cute and wanted to share them with the rest of you!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I know that some of you have been reading this blog since Parker was born, others joined in later, and some of you are just now joining us for the first time. This is our family blog! I keep it updated with new Parker pics as often as I can and try to keep everyone up to date with what is going on with him and our family in general. I decided to go private with this blog after getting a comment from a person I didn't know and the fact that some stranger was taking an interest in our family kinda creeped me out! So... needless to say, now the blog is only open to selected readers! I hope you all enjoy the blog as I much as I enjoying creating it. I was pleased with all the emails I received after I had posted that I was going private, I had no idea so many people read this thing! It good to know that all the hard work I put in to it is appreciated! Please leave it us comments if you like and have fun watching our little one grow!

Love, The Diehl's

Friday, April 11, 2008

Parker is walking!!

Well he actually started last Sunday, but he has just really gotten the hang of it as the week has gone on! I was able to get a small video clip of him walking toward the couch at my mom and dad's house where we put a bottle of his "puffs" ( his favorite can see them in the bottom left hand corner of the video). He is really on the move now...I just can't believe how quick it happened! Sorry the video is so dark, I should have adjusted the lighting!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Going Private

Hi everyone! I've decided to go private with the blog, so if you are someone who would like to be able to continue to view it on a regular basis, please email me at I will then send you an invitation via email. The invite will allow you to view the blog whenever you like, but you will have to create a username and password to get on to the blog. This is just in an effort to keep only family and friends on our blog, instead of leaving it open to the public! Sorry if this an inconvenience to anyone!

Parker's pic from Imagine Photography

I took Parker to Imagine Photography to have his 9 month pictures done, and finally got them back on Saturday. I only purchased a few shots, but this one was my favorite and I had to post it! I took Parker for his 9 month check-up a couple weeks ago. He is now 20lb. 14 oz. and 28 1/4 inches. Getting big! Its hard to believe he is going to be a year old in a couple of months! We are starting to plan his 1st birthday party!

Bath Time Fun!

I got some cute pics of Parker last weekend in the bath tub. The first one is my favorite because it really shows off his blue eyes! Just wanted to share them with the rest of you...he is such a ham!

MVC tournament

So I am definitely behind on my posts...but about a month ago we went up to St. Louis for the MVC tournament, hoping to see the Salukis play...unfortunately, they lost on Friday night and we did not get to see them play. We still went to the tournament though and watch the other games. We stayed with Christy and Travis, and they had tickets for the Scott Trade suite. We had a really great time and enjoyed spending time with Christy and Travis, especially since we don't get up that way very often. Thanks Christy and Travis for letting us crash at your place! We had fun!