Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Little All-Star...

When moving Parker into his big boy room, we had to decide on a new theme for his room...

We decided to do sports since he loves playing ball so much. His bedroom has kind of a vintage feel to it, mostly decorated in football & baseball...To add to the look of his room I wanted to take some pics of him playing ball (baseball this will be next!) in sepia tones to make the photos look old.

 We again took advantage of this nice weather we are having & took him to the ball field. I snapped pics while him & daddy played...

I just love them!!
Now...which ones will I print & frame for his room...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Worry....

I don't want all of you to think that just because all of my posts lately have been about Griffin, that I have forgotten about my first born! Yes, I take a lot pictures of Griffin, but that's mainly because he stays in one spot & he is easy to photograph...
Parker on the other on the move ALL THE TIME!!!
Seriously...if this child gets any more active I don't know what I am going to do...

Since we had a little break in the weather, the sun decided to come out, & it was actually warm outside (for January) I thought we should go outside and take advantage....
 And maybe, just maybe Parker might let me take a few photos...

To my surprise...he actually enjoyed me taking his picture! Probably because I turned it into a game :)
"Don't look at Mommy's camera...I mean it...don't look at me!"
Ahhh...reverse everytime!!!

I am so in love with my new camera....I can't even tell you!!!
It was such a great investment!

I'm no Katie Parrish or anything (love ya Katie!), but I am really happy with the way all of these turned out!!!

I mean handsome is this boy!
 I can't believe how big he is getting....

Mommy's boys are seriously growing up way too fast!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Griffin is 5 Months Old!!

Its hard for me to believe that Griffin is 5 months old already!

Next thing you know he will be 6 months and then I look back at how fast those 6 months flew by...and I will know that his 1st birthday is just around the corner! So not fair how fast they grow up! :(

We just got back from Mexico on Monday & when I went to hold him after being away for 4 days...
I would have sworn he had gotten bigger!
Why does it always seem that way!?!

Everytime I am away from my kids for a couple of days,
 I feel like they have 
changed in some way, shape, or form since I left them!

It's C.R.A.Z.Y.

Not only does he continue to get bigger, but if its possible, I think he might be getting cuter too! :)

(I know, I know...I'm his mom...I am supposed to think he is cute!)

I know I post a lot of pics of this boy with no clothes on or in the bath tub, but come to think of it...
I think that is when he is the happiest!!
 And naked babies always make for a good photo op!

I snapped these pics the other day while I was giving him a bath in the kitchen sink! The first 2 pics, his hair is all soaped up & matted...the 3rd shows off his wild & crazy hair!

At 5 months, Griffin is very active & very strong! He rolls over constantly & even lately has been trying to crawl...seriously think the crawling thing is not far off! He constantly chews on his fingers/fists/toys or whatever is nearby, he also drools A LOT!! Kinda think he maybe trying to cut some teeth! We'll see!! (You know I will post pics of that milestone as soon as it happens!) He has in the last month also discover his feet and likes to lay on his back & play with them!

He reaching out & grabs for toys and is a pleasant baby most of the day! It seems like every evening around 6pm he turns into a grump butt & throws a temper tantrum, but this is considered an improvement to think that this used to happen once between every feeding!  He is eating 6 oz of formula at a time and does eat rice cereal in the evenings! He is also starting to show an interest in what everyone else is eating & drinking lately! He is constantly trying to go after my diet coke can or my coffee in the morning! He is weighing in around 16 pounds and wearing mostly 6 month clothing.

He did have his physical therapy evaluation on his neck & the therapist didn't seem too concerned. She thinks he has just a very mild case of torticollis and is only showing about a 10% delay in his development as a result of it. They have to have a delay of 30% or more to qualify for in-home therapy, therefore, looks like mommy & daddy will just be doing some stretching exercises with this boy at home to straighten out his neck!

Also wanted to post these pictures...again he's naked!

But I wanted to show you how he is holding his own bottle now!
Sniff, sniff....he's getting so big!
He doesn't even need me to hold his bottle anymore! :(

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exciting News & a Little Piece of Heaven

Come by and read some exciting news regarding my blog & see some amazing photos from our vacation...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coat Closet Turned Home Office

Come check out my new home office space! New post on Love of Family & Home blog.....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Seriously...How cute is this kid??

 I know I'm his mom and all and I am probably a little bias....
But cute is this boy?!?

And have I mentioned how much I love my new camera!



Thanks to the Hubby! Muuuaaahh!

Parker's First Time on Roller Skates

Last weekend Parker had his first experience with roller skates! He had a birthday party to attend at the new Hot Wheels Skatium! His friend Brandon from church was turning 5 yrs. old & was
having a skating party to celebrate!

 This is the first roller skating rink in our area since I was a little girl! Going to this place was like a blast from the past for me! It was also my first time on roller skates in a very long time...
I'm talking probably 20 years!!!

My little man skating like a big boy!
What is great about this place.... they can tighten the wheels on the roller
skates so the kids can't go fast & therefore, they won't fall down!
Why or why didn't they have this when I was younger?!?
Instead of skating...Parker did a lot of this in the middle of the floor. He would pretend like he fell down so that I certain little girl would keep coming back to help him up! Everytime I tried to help him up, he wouldn't get up. He would point to the other little girl and tell me he was waiting for her!
 Lol! Boyfriend is 3 years old and already has it figured out!

Taking a break to watch the other kids skate for a while...
Had to get a pic of those cute skates! Aren't you loving the carpet! This stuff was even on the walls!
Sooo 80's! Love it!!!

They also had an arcade area with ski ball and other arcade games...

Concentrating on his ski ball game...
Racing Cars with his Daddy
More Ski Ball...
Skating with Mommy

Overall, his first time on roller skates was a hit!
I definitely think we will be visiting Hot Wheel Skatium again!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blue or Cream...I NEED your help!

Hey girls!  If you have time today please head on over to "Love of Family and Home" and let me know your opinion on my post! I would LOVE input from all of my blogging buddies!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can't wait...

Two weeks from this Friday.....

 I will be laying by this pool....
 I will be admiring this gorgeous view...
 I will be eating in this restaurant....
I will be sleeping in this bed...

We will be going on an ALL EXPENSE PAID vacation to Cancun, Mexico courtesy of Bobby's boss......

The only thing we had to pay for was our passports & just found out today, that they are in the mail on the way to our home now!!

Bobby reached a company goal for the month of December...the incentive was this trip!
Pretty good incentive, huh?  

We will be going with 6 other couples from Northwestern Mutual and will be staying at the beautiful Royale Cancun for 3 nights! So proud of my hubby for all of his hard work! First, making me a stay-at-home mommy, now this?!? I am really starting to like this company!

So excited to get away for a few days, but going to miss my boys terribly! :(
I am sure they won't even know I am gone....
They will be too busy getting spoiled ROTTEN by their maw-maw & paw-paw  :)