Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!

Here are a few pics of us carving our pumpkins tonight...Parker is finally learning to smile when I say "say cheese" so I got some really cute ones! We decided to carve our initials in the took us a little while to get them figured out...but we finally did and they turned out pretty good I thought...afterall, they will only be out for a couple of days! Happy Halloween Everyone!

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

A couple weekends ago we took Parker to Bandy's Pumpkin Patch in Johnston City. Here are a couple pics from our trip. There was a tractor doing hayrides while we were there...all the pictures where Parker is looking away from the camera, he is watching the tractor!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahoy Mate!

Just thought you all may want a sneak peek at Parker's Halloween costume. My mom finished it the other night and brought it over for him to try on! Just like last year's costume she made him (the lion costume) this one is equally adorable! We had a great time trying it on him and watch him play with his sword! More pics to come!

Sooo tired!

Just had to share these pics of Parker sleeping in his high chair....he fell asleep eating lunch the other day...he has never done that before! I thought it was completely adorable!

Cortney's Birthday Extravaganza!

Last week was my sister's 22nd birthday ( I can't believe she is 22...seems weird to even say that)..anyway on Friday we decided to go to St. Louis to celebrate. Cortney was calling this her "21 re-do birthday" because her 21st birthday last year was lame and she didn't get to celebrate it right. We spent most of our evening at "The Big Bang" on the landing..its this great piano bar where they include the audience with all the singing and make fun of people, etc. We had a really great time! Along with Bobby & I, was her friends Emily & Charlie and then Christy & Travis met up with us too. It was a fun and extremely late night..we ended up spending the night in the city and came home this next morning.