Friday, July 27, 2007

Naked Parker in Daddy's Chair

I thought it would be cute to get some pictures of Parker in his diaper while he was sitting in Daddy's chair. They turned out super cute and I wanted to share them with all of you! Hope you enjoy!

The Ladies Man

Elaina, Parker, & Jacee

Hanging out with his girlfriends

Surrounded by two lovely ladies...what a lucky guy!

Great Great Grandma Mary with her Grandbabies

Five Generations....Me, Parker, My mom, My Grandma Doris, & My Great Grandma Mary

Last Friday we took Parker out to my Aunt Anita's for a photo shoot with my cousin's baby, Elaina and a friend's baby, Jacee. The babies were all born within a couple weeks of each other, so we wanted to get them all together to compare! It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed taking pictures of all of them!

What a Change!

These pictures were taken of Parker in his Soothing Motions Glider. He absolutely loves that thing! I can't believe the difference in the two pictures. The first one was taken when he was just a week or two old and the second one I took today. He is now seven weeks old! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying to get the perfect pic

I was trying to snap that perfect picture, with the perfect little smile, but never managed to quite get it. However, I did manage to get some pretty cute shots during the process!


I took this picture of Parker the other day while he was taking a nap. I thought he looked so sweet and had to share it with the rest of you!

Cookout at The Brooks'

A few weekends ago, we got together with Beth & Matt and had a cookout. It was fun to see the boys together. Cade wasn't real sure about Parker and kept wanting to get close to check him out. Beth & Matt were a little hesitant to let him get too close because they were scared he would be too rough with the baby. Before long Parker will be old enough to were they can play together!

July 4th

We went to Craig & Tracy Stewart's house for the 4th of July to celebrate with family & friends. You can see the fireworks from their house, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. We got lots of rain and the fireworks show was cancelled! We still had a really good time though and managed to get some cute shots of Parker. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting So Big!

Parker will be four weeks old this Thursday! I can't believe he has been here for almost a full month! He is changing each and every day and doesn't really look like a newborn anymore! We are enjoying every minute we get to spend with him because the time goes by so quickly! I took this picture of him yesterday while he was nice and bright-eyed. Isn't he getting so big?

Parker's First Trip to Galesburg

Parker with Great Uncle Bob

Parker with Great Grandma Betty

Hanging out with Great Grandpa Merrill

Parker loves his cousin Justin!

Just Chillin' on Great Aunt Nancy's Bed!

Stuart is checking Parker out!

Great Grandpa Hulick and Parker

This past weekend we made our first trip to Galesburg to visit Bobby's side of the family. They had not seen Parker yet (other than pictures) and were looking forward to his first visit. Galesburg is about a 4.5 hour drive from home and Parker did pretty well on the trip. We had to stop once on the way up and once the way home to feed him, but he slept the rest of the way. We stayed at Aunt Nancy's & Uncle Jerry's like we always do when we go up there. They were all so excited to see him! It was definitely a full weekend trying to get around to see everyone and on top of all of that Bobby was in a wedding too! We were all exhausted when we got home, but definitely had a great time!

Sleepy Boys

I snapped this picture of Bobby & Parker the other morning. I thought it was so sweet and had to share it with the rest of you!

Parker's First Tub Bath

We had to wait for Parker's umbilical cord and bell from his circumcision to fall off before giving him a tub bath (up until then he was just getting sponge baths). A couple weeks ago he finally lost both and got his first real bath experience. He absolutely loved it! I took his clothes and diaper off before putting him in the bath and he started to fuss because he doesn't like to be naked, but once I sat him in his bath tub he was a happy boy! He seemed like he was so relaxed!

Photo Shoot at Grandma Kathy's

Mom and I took advantage of Parker's good mood and decided to get some pictures of him. He had just got done eating and was very content. He let us put him in all sorts of poses with his blanky. Hope you enjoy them!