Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is just a picture I snapped today while Parker was napping. They always look so sweet & peaceful while they are asleep. I had given him a pillow, but he was using his puppy for a pillow instead. Thought it was cute & wanted to share!

Bowling with Friends

Going for a spare!

Good form!

Analyzing his shot....

For some reason he thinks he needs to follow the ball??

Had to get a pic of the bowling shoes! Too cute!
Brandon Skelcher
Daddy is helping the boys take turns...

Little Gavin's ball made it slowly down the lane!

Wait, its not your turn!

Parker Rose watches his ball...
Here I go again!

Skelcher boys getting ready!

Can't miss out on a mommy & Parker photo op!

Last weekend we went out to eat with some friends from church & then took the kids bowling at SI Bowl afterwards. They had a ball! It was a little chaotic with 4 kids 4 years of age and under, but we managed! Here are some pics from our crazy night out with the boys!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Louis Zoo 2010

Family pic with Baby Elephant in the background
Baby Elephant
Trying to see the hippopotamus....
Inside with Penguin exhibit with Daddy!
Couldn't get him to look at the camera for anything...too many distractions!

July 4th weekend, we decided to take a trip to St. Charles, MO for the weekend. The boys wanted to go up and play golf, the girls wanted to go up & shop, so it worked out perfectly! On Monday, July 5th, we decided to make a stop at the zoo on our way home and I managed to get a few pictures, but not as many as I would have liked! Two pictures into it, I got the "low battery" signal on my camera.....GREAT! So here are the pics I did manage to get! I would have to snap it quickly & turn the power off to conserve my battery! Didn't know we were going to stop at the zoo or I would have taken my camera charger....Dang the Luck!

Summer Fun 2010...Swimming!!!

This last weekend, we took Parker to his maw-maw & paw-paw Hulick's house to swim in their pool. Here are a few shots of him swimming and floating on the raft. He is so good in the pool this year, we just put his floaties on him & he goes to town! He swims, jumps in, & goes under the water, he absolutely loves it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Home 2010

We have been doing a lot of work on the house lately getting ready for the arrival of our new baby boy, so I thought I would take some pics & let you see the changes going on at the Diehl household!

I had to take some pics of the front of our home, because I am so excited about how pretty our landscaping looks this year! Our bushes are finally getting full & my flowers have done really well so far! I wish it would stay this pretty all year round!

These are the pics of Griffin's room thus far! We finally got the last piece of furniture put together yesterday! It has been a work in progress, but its almost finished! Pay no attention to the valance on the window, I still have to get a curtain rod to put it on, its just laying up there for the time being! I am also waiting for uppercaseliving that I ordered to go above the boys' beds. I will post pics of it when it arrives!

These are pics of Parker's new big boy bedroom, we had to move him out of the nursery & since we were doing that, I decided to go ahead and convert his crib into the full size bed & get him used to sleeping in it. He has been in it for probably 6 months now & I must say, the transition has been pretty easy. He sleeps most nights all night long and if he does get up, its usually only once. I think the entertainment center with his new tv & dvd collection has also helped, we usually start a movie for him when he goes & lays down for the night & set a timer on it & he knows when the tv goes off, that he is supposed to go "nite, nite!"

And just because I was sharing pics of the boys' rooms, I decided to take a few of our bedroom as well and post those too! :)

Spa Party!

Christine applying one of our many facial products!

Sheila, Christine, & Melinda

Kacey painting a detox mask on Amy

More Detoxifying!


Sarah trying to read a text message with her mask on!

Dawn doing a little microdermabrasion!

My friend Sheila hosted a beauticontrol spa party this past Friday, & I couldn't help but take some pictures! How could I miss out on photo opportunities like these! The party was fun, Sheila had appetizers & everyone brought a bottle of wine to share (I unfortunately didn't get to participate in the wine tasting!) It was a nice evening of relaxation & laughs! Thanks Sheila for a fun night!