Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Did the Easter Bunny come? Where did he hide my basket?

Is it behind my chair?

It is! Look what I got!

I Love Easter!

Candy, toys, & clothes!

Ummm...chocolate bunny!

The ears are the best part!

Time to hunt eggs!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We certainly did, much better than last year, as Parker was sick for his 1st Easter! We spent the day at Bobby's parents house and the evening at my grandma's house. Parker did his first easter egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Hulick's house and did really well with it once he realized what it was he was supposed to be doing!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a Day Out in the Yard!

Mommy & Parker working out in the backyard!

I've got my wheel barrel Mommy!
I am going to chase you with it!
This is fun!
On a more serious note......its bubble time!
Parker loves bubbles!
I am going to shoot you with my bubble gun Mommy!
All that work made me hungry...snack time!

A Trip to the St. Louis Zoo!

About a month ago ( I know I am behind on posts!) we took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo, it was a gorgeous day and we wanted to get out and take advantage, well apparently everyone else did too because the zoo was a madhouse! Despite all the people there we still had a really good time & Parker really enjoyed it too. We went with our friends, Christy & Travis ( although somehow I managed not to get any pictures of them!) and ended our day with a nice dinner in O'Fallon that evening! Thanks Christy & Travis for a great day! Hope you enjoy the pics!