Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st SIU Home Game 2010 New Stadium

Parker with Paw-Paw Mark
Parker with Paw-Paw Donnie
Say Cheese!
New Saluki Football Stadium
New Entrance to SIU Arena
Here Come the Dawgs!
Parker Lovin' on his Brother
Griffin wearing his Big Brother's hat
Bright Eyes!
Mommy & Parker Close-Up!
Mommy & Griffin

Here are some pics from the SIU Home Opening Game at the new football stadium. The Dawgs took on Quincy and won 70-7! It was a fun game & was really cool to see the new stadium and all the work they have put into it. It turned out awesome! The boys had a great time & so did we! Griffin was bright eyed for the whole game, I think he enjoyed looking at all the lights!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me & My Babies

Bobby took these pictures of me and the boys a couple weeks ago & I just love how they turned out! I also could not be more proud of my handsome boys! God has truly blessed me!

Murphy vs. Carbondale Football Game

Mommy & her boys
Parker & Maggie
Parker Man
Diehl Family
Parker & Maggie take 2
Daddy & Parker
Applebees for appetizers & dessert after the game
Yum....chocolate brownie bite
Drunk off! Ready to pass out!

Parker's First Day of Pre-K

Parker got into Pre-K this year! Yay! So excited about this opportunity for him! Not only does it give him a chance to meet & interact with other kids, but it will also give him a headstart when it comes time to start kindergarten in a couple of years! He will also continue his speech therapy thru the school district as well ,which is great because he has made great improvements in that area since starting therapy almost a year ago! He is going to Carruthers Elementary School. It is super convenient for us because it is literally less than 2 minutes up the road from our house! These pictures were taken on the day of his open house, which was the Friday before school started. I gave the kids an opportunity to see their classrooms and meet their teachers & fellow students. It also gave crazy moms like me an opportunity for a photo!

Here are pics from his first day of school! Was so happy to get a good smile out of him! He is at that stage where he wants to do that goofy smile with the squinted! Can't believe how big he looks with his little backpack on! Its official, baby isn't a baby anymore! :(