Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Pictures by JCPenney

Here are our family pictures we had done at JCPenney. We had made an attempt to go a few weeks ago, but Paker fell and busted his lip open right as we were getting ready to walk out the door! He had a small bruise above his left eye this go around which he got by hitting it on the corner of one of my kitchen chairs....but I thought what the heck...if I wait until he is completely picture perfect, I might not ever get these pictures done! Besides the bruise didn't show up in most of the pics. We did family pics first and I wanted to get Parker's 18 month pictures done while we were there, but after family pics he was not the least bit interested! We got one decent shot (the one above) and thats it...guess I will have to make another appt. to get his solo pics done! Hope everyone is having a very Happy Holiday Season! Stay Warm!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas Party with Family & Friends

Last night we had a Christmas Party with our family and friends which we have every year. The kids all exchange gifts and the adults play a "good santa/bad santa" game where we select a gift out of a pile of gifts and you may grab a really nice gift or you make grab a gag gift. After everyone selects a gift from a pile then everyone has an opportunity to steal a gift from another person. Its a fun game and sometimes you end up with a really cool gift or you may end up with a can of chilli beans and beano (like I did!) Anyway...these are some family pics from the party that I wanted to share! Hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season!