Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ultrasound-36 weeks

Here is the latest picture of Baby Griffin! Went in for a 36 week ultrasound to see how big our little one is getting....they are estimating his weight at 6lb 5oz (give or take 8oz b/c the ultrasounds aren't completely accurate at determining the baby's weight). At 36 weeks, he is as big as Parker was when he was born at 40 weeks! Yikes! Hope he comes soon so that I won't have a monster child when it comes time to deliver! Had one episode of contractions last week which lasted for about an hour & a half. Contractions were coming every 3-6 minutes or so and started at 9:45pm. After 24 surgeries at work and church following, I think I had just over done it for the day! After about an hour, I decided to go ahead and get in the shower just in case! At about 11:15, things finally started slowing down & the contractions quit all together! Dr. Walker says nothing to be concerned about at this point, Baby Griffin can come whenever he is ready! Yay! Hoping he decides to make his appearance sooner than later!
At 36 weeks, this is how I am looking these days! Yes, very pregnant! (Picture compliments of Parker, he did a pretty good job I think!) Despite looking large & this horrendous August heat, I am surprisingly feeling pretty good & have only had a few episodes of swelling in my feet/ankles! I must admit however, I am looking forward to having this baby & getting back into my regular clothes! Tired of wearing the same maternity clothes all the time! Will keep you updated on mine & Griffin's progress over the next couple weeks! Hopefully I will have pictures of our new little boy to post soon! :)


mom and dad said...

The boys rooms look really cute, nice finishing touch to already cute rooms. Can't wait to see baby Griffin and give him hugs and kisses! Love ya, mom and dad

The Guthman Family said...

You look great and the boys rooms are so cute! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You look great such a happy perfect pregnant momma!

Love you