Sunday, September 23, 2007

Murphysboro BBQ Cook-Off

Parker with Mommy & Daddy

Me, Beth, & Brooke with the babies...we missed Caroline!

Parker with Aunt Christy!

At the end of the evening...Parker was pooped!

Parker & His Bumbo Seat!

Last weekend while we were in Galesburg, Aunt Nancy had to take Parker shopping for new fall clothes and he also scored a new Bumbo seat in the process, so naturally we had to take pictures! The one in front of the television is my favorite...he was so happy watching the football game! It was hysterical! Needless to say, he loves the Bumbo seat....Thank You Aunt Nancy!

Anther Trip to Galesburg!

Last weekend we went to Galesburg and surprised Justin (Bobby's cousin). He is a junior in high school and plays football for the Galesburg High School Silver Streaks. Bobby and I have never been to any of his games and we thought we would show up and surprise him! He was really happy to see us and glad to have us there for his game. Although the team lost, we still had a really good time! This was Parker's first football experience and he did so good during the game, especially considering the cold weather! I had to go shopping that afternoon to find him a winter outfit/snow suit (I'm not sure what you would call it) to make sure he would stay warm! I thought he looked really cute!

New Parker Pics

We took Parker to have his picture taken about 3 weeks ago and managed to get some really cute shots! Just wanted to share them with all of you! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laughing Out Loud

Parker started laughing out loud this last Tuesday! It was hysterical! We were fortunate enough to have the camera ready the 2nd time to catch it on video for the blog. Hope you all enjoy it! We absolutely cracked up!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Visit with Cousin Elayna

Parker had another visit with his cousin Elayna today! Elayna is my cousin's daughter. The last time we had them together they were both about six weeks old (they were born just 4 days apart!) I managed to get some really cute pictures of them together. I really like the last one, Parker is watching her out of the corner of his eyes!

Officially a Thumb Sucker

Parker has been sucking his fists ever since he was in the womb! I remember going for my 4D ultrasound and watching him suck on his hands in the video. When he got here he continued to suck on his fists, it seemed as though he was always trying to find his thumb, but he just never could manage to get it in his mouth! Well, finally this last week he did it! He doesn't do it constantly, just when he is getting hungry or sleepy. We have tried to give him pacifiers, but he is just not interested in them....he always spits them out! Neither habit is good to get him started on, but at least with a pacifier I can eventually take it away, unfortunately I can't do that with his thumb! I think it is really cute now, but I hope that he out grows when he gets older!

Twelve Weeks Old

Mr. Parker was twelve weeks old this past Thursday. I know I say it all the time, but I still can't believe how fast the time has past and how big he is getting! I also had to start back to work this last Thursday : ( I did pretty well although Wednesday night was hard, while I rocked him to sleep I got tearful because I knew that I wouldn't get to see him in the morning (I have to leave for work early) and I knew I wouldn't hold him again until Thursday afternoon. My Grandma Doris is our babysitter which makes leaving him a little easier because I know that he is well cared for. At twelve weeks old, Parker holds his head up really well, he has rolled over a couple of times, and after weeks of sucking his fists, he has finally found his thumb (which you will see pictures of soon). He is also sleeping full nights (about 8 hours a night, sometimes longer). He started that about 2 weeks ago...just in time for mommy to go back to work!