Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Parker's One Year Pics by JcPenney

Just thought I would share the new pics of Parker I had done last Friday for his 1st Birthday. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. He is getting harder and harder to photograph these days as he is in to everything and on the go all the time!

Parker turns The Big One!

On June 7th, Parker turned 1 year old! We had a party with family and friends at my mom and dad's house. Parker got tons of new toys, cute new clothes, and money! I must say he made out well for his 1st birthday! I just want to thank my mom for helping plan the party and for having it at her house! It was a lot of work and a big mess, so....thank you mom! I also want to thank those family members who made the trip from Galesburg to be with Parker on his 1st birthday, it really meant a lot to us! Here are some pics of him enjoying his first birthday cake!

So this is just a little video that I thought I would share. Parker is quite the little dancer! Whether we are in the car with the radio on, or a little jingle comes on the tv, he does not hesitate to stop what he is doing to bust a move! He has gotten to the point now where he moves his fingers to make it look like he is snapping his fingers! It is too hilarious! Anyway, I was lucky enough to catch some of his moves on video, hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do!

The New Addition!

Here are some pics of the new addition we are putting on the house. The addition is going to be attached to the back bedroom of the house and will include a walk-in closet and a master bath! Bobby, my Dad, and cousin Craig have been working hard and have managed to get quite a bit done in a matter of two weekends. Its a work in progress....I can't wait for it to be done!

Parker's First Trip to the Zoo!

When we made our last trip to Galesburg, Parker made his first trip to the zoo! He had such a great time (and Mommy did too!) Bobby went out to play golf for the day, so Aunt Nancy decided we would take advantage of the great weather and drive to the Niabi Zoo near Moline, IL. Its about half the size of the St. Louis zoo, but every bit as nice! And it was probably just the right size for Parker because he was exhausted by the time we finished up. I managed to get some good pics, but my camera died half way through. Luckily, Aunt Nancy had her camera and we didn't miss out on any photo opportunities!

The New Bobby!

I had mentioned in a previous post, that Bobby had started a new diet at the start of the new year. He lost a total of 75 pounds and looks great! I just wanted to post a before and after picture and let him know how proud I am of him. He was such a trooper through the whole process and never really cheated for the full 5 months he was on the diet. He has now started the maintenance phase of the diet and is expected to lose another 10 pounds or so, but he is happy to be done! I am so proud of you honey and I LOVE YOU!

Parker's First Ice Cream Cone from DQ

About a month ago, Parker had his first ice cream cone from the DQ! He absolutely loved it and made a complete mess, but it was sooo cute!

Long Time, No Post!

Okay, so I know I am so far behind, but we have been sooo busy this last month. Bobby's Grandpa Hulick past away a couple weeks ago and we have been busy with trips to Galesburg to visit him in the hospital and for the funeral. In addition to that, we have been busy with house projects, we stained our fence in our backyard last weekend and Bobby & my dad got started on the addition to the house. This weekend is Parker's first birthday, so I have also been busy mailing invitations and making plans for that! So even though I have posted in a while, I think I have some good excuses : )! So here goes... I am going to get you caught up on what has been going on in the last month!