Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Griffin Shots

Just wanted to share these random shots of Griffin & his crazy hair! What an angel he is.....such blessing!

Griffin's 1st Bath at Home!

Griffin's first bath at home only consisted of a sponge bath at this point, because we have to wait for his umbilical cord & his plastibell from his circumcision to fall off. He did not enjoy the bath so much, I am figuring out, that this little boy doesn't like anything which involves taking off his clothes, diaper, etc. He just wants to be left alone & likes to be warm & cozy.....can you really blame him?

Love these pics with the pacifier, the thing is almost as big as his whole face! And we got some good shots of his hairdo! Loving all of this hair, just hoping it doesn't all fall out!

Because of all the hair, I have no choice but to wash it under the faucet. He actually enjoys this part! As soon as I turn the water on, he quits crying! Its too funny! The rinsing part he loves, the washing part, not so much...... hints the picture below!

Baby Griffin has Arrived!

Griffin Thomas Diehl

7lb 5oz, 19 inches long

Not a happy camper at this point.....

Proud Mommy

A Happy, Family of Four

Mommy & Griffin

Parker taking care of his big brother

Making him cozy with the blankets

Griffin getting comfy

Mommy & her boys

Our newest blessing from God.....

So, I went in for my appointment with Dr. Walker on Friday, Aug 13th which was my 38 week appt. He check my cervix for the first time & I was 3cm dilated! I was super excited! Later that evening I started having contractions & they went on for a couple of hours, I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable & the contractions were pretty consistent, so we decided to go ahead and go to the hospital. Upon my arrival, I was 4cm dilated. Dr. Walker had me walk the hallways in the OB unit for a couple of hours to see if I would progress more. I went in around 9:00pm & ended up going home around 3:30am Saturday morning. After numerous laps around the OB unit, I had dilated to 4.5 cm, but my contractions had stopped and Dr. Walker was not willing to give me Pitocin to induce my labor just yet.
The following Thursday I went in for my next appt. I was anxious for the doctor to check me again, because I had been having contractions all week long. When he checked my cervix in the office that afternoon, I was 6cm dilated and was still having contractions (even though they weren't super consistent), but because Dr. Walker was leaving on vacation the next day, he decided to make me a direct admit to the labor & delivery unit at the hospital.
Once we arrived, the nurse got me all hooked up to the monitors, went over a bunch of questions, and started my IV. My contractions still weren't real consistent, but Dr. Walker had talked about giving me Pitocin to help me along and because I had been there, done that with the Pitocin & knew how bad the contractions would get, I decided to go ahead with the epidural. Once the epidural was in, Dr. Walker came in and broke my water and things started rolling from there. In about 2 hours, I was dilated to 10cm and was ready to push!
After pushing for only 10 minutes, Griffin Thomas Diehl made his arrival into this world at 8:04pm! He weighed in at 7lb 5oz and was 19 inches long. He was absolutely beautiful with a head full of dark brown hair!
So, we are now a family of four and Parker is a big brother! Although he has moments of jealousy, he has made the transition and is doing well with his big brother role. He wakes up every morning and asks "Momma, is baby here?" LOL, poor kid, I don't think he understands that this is a permanent thing!
Here are some pictures from Griffin's big debut!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Baptism

In the last 6 months, Bobby & I have become very involved at Vine Community Church in Carbondale. We made the decision to start attending the church after talking with Bobby's cousin, Justin Huff, who had been attending since coming to SIUC in August of last year. Justin had nothing but great things to say about the church. One of my close friends at work, Jessica Skelcher is a member of the church and very involved. I had heard great things about the Vine from her as well. We had been trying to find a church home for a couple of years and coming from two different church backgrounds, (Bobby-Baptist and Me-Catholic) we had a hard time finding a place that we both liked & felt comfortable. So, when Bobby suggested that we try it out, I was more than happy to attend service the following Sunday.

After just one service, we felt as though the Vine was going to be a great fit for us. We continued to attend services for about 3 weeks when Bobby decided he wanted to start attending a small group/bible study. Jessica and her husband happened to host a small group at their house on Wednesday nights and had already mentioned to me that we could come & check it out, so we did! The rest is pretty much history! We totally hit off with everyone in the group. And have been attending every week since March of this year. Bobby has even started leading our small group once or twice a month to give Darren (Jessica's husband) a break.
So it is safe to say, that we have made Vine Community Church our new church home. We love everything about the church and the people who attend there. We have made wonderful new friends & developed relationships with some that have already made such an impact on our lives. We are currently taking the "Next Step" classes, of which there are 4, in order to become members of the church. Part of becoming a member of the church is being baptized. Being raised Catholic, my parents had me baptized as a child, but like most churches, baptism as an infant/child is not something that the Vine believes in. Baptism is something that is done once a person is old enough to make the decision for themselves to follow Jesus and really understand the meaning of of living a Christian lifestyle. It is an act in which you confess publicly your committment to Jesus and to His church.

Even though I felt as though my Christianity was established during my Catholic upbringing, I decided that I wanted to make the decision for myself (instead of it being a decision my parents had made for me) to follow Jesus and show my committment to Him and to the church, so this past Sunday, I had a private baptism with Bobby and the members of my small group after Sunday morning services. Darren Skelcher (Jessica's husband and our small group leader) was the one who performed my baptism, it was his first time baptizing someone, and he was very nervous, but he did a great job & it turned out perfect. I am so glad I made the decision to be baptized again! These are a few pictures from my big day and I just wanted to share them with all of you. (Pay no attention to the belly, remember I am 9 months pregnant!) Above, Darren is praying for me before baptizing me.....

Coming up out of the water.....the water was a little cooler than I thought it would be! :)

Here is a picture of Parker afterwards, he was completely freaked out by the whole thing! I think he just didn't understand why some man was dunking his mom! He kept saying "Momma burn in hot water!" LOL! Why in the world he thought the water was hot is beyond me! Poor thing!

Here is mommy & her boy shortly after, he finally realized that mommy was okay!

A little side note....Bobby was baptized earlier this year in May, I had my camera with me that day, but the battery was dead! So unfortunately, I do not have pictures of his baptism to post along with mine!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uppercase Living Has Arrived!

The Uppercase Living has arrived! My order came tonight & I wasted no time putting it up! Here are a couple of pics from Griffin's room!

Here are the pics from Parker's room...

Here are their chairs from their table & chair set my Grandma Doris got them for Christmas which will eventually go in their playroom. Overall, I am totally pleased with how everything turned out! Super cute and put the finishing touches on their rooms!

Ultrasound-36 weeks

Here is the latest picture of Baby Griffin! Went in for a 36 week ultrasound to see how big our little one is getting....they are estimating his weight at 6lb 5oz (give or take 8oz b/c the ultrasounds aren't completely accurate at determining the baby's weight). At 36 weeks, he is as big as Parker was when he was born at 40 weeks! Yikes! Hope he comes soon so that I won't have a monster child when it comes time to deliver! Had one episode of contractions last week which lasted for about an hour & a half. Contractions were coming every 3-6 minutes or so and started at 9:45pm. After 24 surgeries at work and church following, I think I had just over done it for the day! After about an hour, I decided to go ahead and get in the shower just in case! At about 11:15, things finally started slowing down & the contractions quit all together! Dr. Walker says nothing to be concerned about at this point, Baby Griffin can come whenever he is ready! Yay! Hoping he decides to make his appearance sooner than later!
At 36 weeks, this is how I am looking these days! Yes, very pregnant! (Picture compliments of Parker, he did a pretty good job I think!) Despite looking large & this horrendous August heat, I am surprisingly feeling pretty good & have only had a few episodes of swelling in my feet/ankles! I must admit however, I am looking forward to having this baby & getting back into my regular clothes! Tired of wearing the same maternity clothes all the time! Will keep you updated on mine & Griffin's progress over the next couple weeks! Hopefully I will have pictures of our new little boy to post soon! :)