Friday, August 28, 2009

My sister told me about this website, so I thought I would check it out...its called & if you go to it, you can do all kinds of different editing to your pictures, add text, etc. Here are a few of my experiments, thought they turned out really cute!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Destin, Florida

These pictures were taken tonight on the beach. Most of the day was overcast & rainy, but this evening it cleared up & I thought I would take advantage it! They turned out really cute!

This picture was taken after the bumper boats, needless to say, we got soaked!

Even though we are on a beautiful beach, with a nice big pool, I think Parker still likes the jacuzzi tub the best! lol! My dad had a bright idea to add some shampoo into the jacuzzi since we didn't have any bubble bath....not a good idea!

These pictures were taken at Florida's Gulfarium. We watched a dolphin show, sea lion show, & then a multi-species show which incorporated both the dolphins & sea lions together. It was really neat & Parker really enjoyed it!

Destin has an outdoor mall called Destin Commons, we went shopping there last night & after we were done, Parker got to play in the fountains & playground area that they have for kids. These are the pics from the fountains, he had a blast.