Our Story

 Bobby and I first met back in 1999 when my dad got transferred to Galesburg, IL with the Department of Corrections. Our dads worked together at Hill Correctional Center and became good friends. They spent a lot of time together and as a result, our families also started hanging out together. He and I became good friends, but were seeing other people at the time and never became romantically involved.  It wasn't until 2 years later when both of our relationships went south, that we started dating. It all started with a phone call & the rest well...is history. Bobby moved to Southern Illinois in 2002, moved in with me, and went to school at SIU-Carbondale. We were engaged in November 2003 and were married May 21, 2005.

Parker Anthony

Like most newly married couples, we bought a house, fixed it up, & made it our own. We enjoyed our first couple of years of marriage to the fullest! Then in June 2007, we welcome our first born into the world, Parker Anthony Diehl. It was one of the best days of our lives. Parker was the reason this blog was born. He is now 3 years old. Parker is a sweet & happy little boy who brings a smile to my face each and every day. He is always doing something new or saying something silly! He is full of energy & always on the go, but doesn't hesitate to slow down every now & then to spend some time hanging out with his mommy. Many nights he can be found curled up with me in our favorite chair, with our favorite blanket, watching tv or a movie. He is a very loving child & I hope that he will always stay that way.... 

Griffin Thomas

In August 2010 we welcomed into the world our second born, Griffin Thomas Diehl. Again, it was one of the happiest days of our lives! Griffin seems to be growing up so fast already, the months just continue to keep flying by! He is learning new things every day & developing more of a personality as he is getting older. He has a full head of dark hair that is a little wild & crazy, has a mind of its own, & naturally wants to go into a mowhawk kind of style.Griffin is a such sweet baby, but has a temper like you wouldn't believe! He can't seem to get through the day without throwing at least 2, maybe 3, temper tantrums! Instead of being held & rocked to sleep, he would much rather just be laid in his crib & fall asleep on his own terms. This really bums his mommy out! I love to cuddle with my boys :). Although he is much more difficult to take care of than his brother ever was, I still very much love this little boy, and with each screaming fit, he teaches me a lesson in patience & makes me a better mommy! If he has had a good nap & has a fully belly, he is full of smiles & loves to jibber jabber to anyone who will listen!

So here we are today, nine years later, happily married with 2 happy & healthy little boys! They have been such a blessing in our lives! Each day we thank God for our little cuties and know that without him, this life would have never been possible!  

Our Family 2010

Bobby, Parker & Griffin, I love you guys with all of my heart & soul! Thank you for letting me be your wife/mommy!
 I am so truly blessed!

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