Thursday, August 26, 2010

Griffin's 1st Bath at Home!

Griffin's first bath at home only consisted of a sponge bath at this point, because we have to wait for his umbilical cord & his plastibell from his circumcision to fall off. He did not enjoy the bath so much, I am figuring out, that this little boy doesn't like anything which involves taking off his clothes, diaper, etc. He just wants to be left alone & likes to be warm & cozy.....can you really blame him?

Love these pics with the pacifier, the thing is almost as big as his whole face! And we got some good shots of his hairdo! Loving all of this hair, just hoping it doesn't all fall out!

Because of all the hair, I have no choice but to wash it under the faucet. He actually enjoys this part! As soon as I turn the water on, he quits crying! Its too funny! The rinsing part he loves, the washing part, not so much...... hints the picture below!


Anonymous said...

Those pics of bath time are to funny! Im with you his hair is too cute and makes him that much more adorable.


Anonymous said...

You're a sick human being for having your son circumcised.