Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Diehl Family News

I always use this blog to keep everyone updated on Parker and never really mentioned much about what is going on with Bobby and I. Just thought I would let everyone in on what has been going on with us since the new year. Bobby started a new diet in January and so far is down 47 pounds! He looks great and is feeling great too! I am really proud of him and all his hard work! He still has a little more weight to lose, but has really gotten off to a great start. We also started talking about buying a new house or building a new house in the next year or two just because with a baby, you find that you run out of space quickly with all the new toys and gadgets that come along! We decided that instead of buying or building, that we would just add on to our home now and do some new improvements. So, we are getting ready to turn our guest bedroom into the master bedroom and will be adding on a new master bath (as we only have 1 bathroom now!) and walk-in closet to that room. We also decided to replace all the windows in the house and get a new sliding glass door in our kitchen. Once the addition is complete, we are going to do some improvements in our kitchen by upgrading on a few appliances and getting new countertops, a new kitchen sink and faucet. So to say the least, I am really excited about seeing all the new things getting ready to take place. We ordered our windows last week and they are supposed to be in around March 20th, so that will be our first job! Once the weather gets warm, probably around April we will start on the addition. My dad, Bobby, and probably some family friends will be doing all the work themselves. I will keep the site updated with "before and after" pics as the new changes start. Thats all the updates I have for now! Hope everyone is having a great new year!

Just a Cute Pic!

I had to take a pic of Parker with his jean jacket and his nike ball cap this weekend and thought that it turned out really cute! Just wanted to share it with everyone!

Walking with my hippo!

He thinks he is hot stuff when he walks with his hippo.

Look at me go Mommy!

I asked him to smile and this is what I got!

Happy Baby!

You are silly mommy!

Parker got a couple of toys for Christmas to help him learn how to walk and since he mastered pulling up on the furniture, we thought that maybe he was ready to try one. My sister bought him a hippo that gobbles up blocks and he is really cruising now. I got some pics of him walking with it and then a couple cute shots of him smiling too!

Just a Day at Home with Mommy!

Just playing with my blocks.

Pulling up on the recliner.

I like this pic, it looks like he is posing!

Parker & Mommy

I love you Mommy!

A few weeks ago, Parker and I were home together on a Friday and I snapped some new pics of him! I wanted to get some pics of him pulling up on the furniture because he has really mastered this task. And of course, I had to get some of him & mommy together!