Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Little Mohawk Baby!

Aunt Cortney babysat Parker for me last Wednesday while I was at work and I came home to Parker in a Mohawk! She said he woke up from his nap and his hair was all over the place, so she decided to fool around with it and give him a mohawk....I thought it was cute, so I had to take some pics!

July 4th in Indianapolis!

For the July 4th weekend, Bobby and I decided to take a road trip to Indianapolis to visit Bobby cousin Dan and his wife Corey. We left Parker at my mom and dad's for 3 nights (I about died, but he did fine without us!) It was the first time we had left him for more than one night! Anway, we had a lot of fun and had tickets to go see John Mayer and Colbie Caillat on the 5th which was awesome! The concert was awesome and I am now such a Colbie Caillat fan...Bobby bought me her album when we got back and I swear the whole thing is awesome! John Mayer was great too! Anway...these are just some pics from the concert. We had alot of fun and want to thank Dan & Corey for a great weekend!

Parker's First Haircut!

So I am really behind on my posts, I know. We've been busy and we lost our internet connection for a while due to the new addition going up....they had to snip the wiring for the connection! Anyway, about a week after Parker's 1st birthday we decided it was time for the 1st haircut, it wasn't to long on top, but the back was out of control...he had a baby mullet going on! Aunt Cortney finished cosmetology school last December, so we decided to give her the honors. My mom kept Parker occupied with puffs and his puppy dogs. He managed to sit still long enough for a trim! I saved all of his hair and put it in his baby book. The last couple shots are is after pics.

Hanging Out In The Pool!

These are just some cute pics of Parker playing in his pool that Grandma Doris got him for his birthday that I wanted to share. I like the ones with his speedo hat on! The last two pictures are were taken at Grandma Claudia's at their new pool. Parker decided to take a break from the water and have a snack and some juice! I thought it was pretty funny how he was all laid back on the lounge chair just relaxing and catching some sun!