Monday, September 3, 2007

Officially a Thumb Sucker

Parker has been sucking his fists ever since he was in the womb! I remember going for my 4D ultrasound and watching him suck on his hands in the video. When he got here he continued to suck on his fists, it seemed as though he was always trying to find his thumb, but he just never could manage to get it in his mouth! Well, finally this last week he did it! He doesn't do it constantly, just when he is getting hungry or sleepy. We have tried to give him pacifiers, but he is just not interested in them....he always spits them out! Neither habit is good to get him started on, but at least with a pacifier I can eventually take it away, unfortunately I can't do that with his thumb! I think it is really cute now, but I hope that he out grows when he gets older!

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