Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Home 2010

We have been doing a lot of work on the house lately getting ready for the arrival of our new baby boy, so I thought I would take some pics & let you see the changes going on at the Diehl household!

I had to take some pics of the front of our home, because I am so excited about how pretty our landscaping looks this year! Our bushes are finally getting full & my flowers have done really well so far! I wish it would stay this pretty all year round!

These are the pics of Griffin's room thus far! We finally got the last piece of furniture put together yesterday! It has been a work in progress, but its almost finished! Pay no attention to the valance on the window, I still have to get a curtain rod to put it on, its just laying up there for the time being! I am also waiting for uppercaseliving that I ordered to go above the boys' beds. I will post pics of it when it arrives!

These are pics of Parker's new big boy bedroom, we had to move him out of the nursery & since we were doing that, I decided to go ahead and convert his crib into the full size bed & get him used to sleeping in it. He has been in it for probably 6 months now & I must say, the transition has been pretty easy. He sleeps most nights all night long and if he does get up, its usually only once. I think the entertainment center with his new tv & dvd collection has also helped, we usually start a movie for him when he goes & lays down for the night & set a timer on it & he knows when the tv goes off, that he is supposed to go "nite, nite!"

And just because I was sharing pics of the boys' rooms, I decided to take a few of our bedroom as well and post those too! :)


Beth said...

love the rooms! can't wait to see the uppercase designs!

Anonymous said...

Love all the rooms you did an awesome job!