Thursday, January 27, 2011

Griffin is 5 Months Old!!

Its hard for me to believe that Griffin is 5 months old already!

Next thing you know he will be 6 months and then I look back at how fast those 6 months flew by...and I will know that his 1st birthday is just around the corner! So not fair how fast they grow up! :(

We just got back from Mexico on Monday & when I went to hold him after being away for 4 days...
I would have sworn he had gotten bigger!
Why does it always seem that way!?!

Everytime I am away from my kids for a couple of days,
 I feel like they have 
changed in some way, shape, or form since I left them!

It's C.R.A.Z.Y.

Not only does he continue to get bigger, but if its possible, I think he might be getting cuter too! :)

(I know, I know...I'm his mom...I am supposed to think he is cute!)

I know I post a lot of pics of this boy with no clothes on or in the bath tub, but come to think of it...
I think that is when he is the happiest!!
 And naked babies always make for a good photo op!

I snapped these pics the other day while I was giving him a bath in the kitchen sink! The first 2 pics, his hair is all soaped up & matted...the 3rd shows off his wild & crazy hair!

At 5 months, Griffin is very active & very strong! He rolls over constantly & even lately has been trying to crawl...seriously think the crawling thing is not far off! He constantly chews on his fingers/fists/toys or whatever is nearby, he also drools A LOT!! Kinda think he maybe trying to cut some teeth! We'll see!! (You know I will post pics of that milestone as soon as it happens!) He has in the last month also discover his feet and likes to lay on his back & play with them!

He reaching out & grabs for toys and is a pleasant baby most of the day! It seems like every evening around 6pm he turns into a grump butt & throws a temper tantrum, but this is considered an improvement to think that this used to happen once between every feeding!  He is eating 6 oz of formula at a time and does eat rice cereal in the evenings! He is also starting to show an interest in what everyone else is eating & drinking lately! He is constantly trying to go after my diet coke can or my coffee in the morning! He is weighing in around 16 pounds and wearing mostly 6 month clothing.

He did have his physical therapy evaluation on his neck & the therapist didn't seem too concerned. She thinks he has just a very mild case of torticollis and is only showing about a 10% delay in his development as a result of it. They have to have a delay of 30% or more to qualify for in-home therapy, therefore, looks like mommy & daddy will just be doing some stretching exercises with this boy at home to straighten out his neck!

Also wanted to post these pictures...again he's naked!

But I wanted to show you how he is holding his own bottle now!
Sniff, sniff....he's getting so big!
He doesn't even need me to hold his bottle anymore! :(


PKS said...

Beautiful pictures of Griffin! He has a sparkle in his eyes and he looks like one very happy baby. Probably cause he loves his mama!

The Farleys said...

Oh my gosh! I was just thinking the whole, 5 months is almost here and then 6 months!! It is soooo sad how fast time is flying. Once again, I love to read all about Griffin because it prepares me for what I will be doing a month from now. Love the pictures. So proud of you that you got away for a little vacation. I know I need that too!

Anonymous said...

He is such a handsome boy and so is his brother. Dad and I enjoyed taking care of both of them while you were on your well deserved get away. They are alot of work and you definitely needed to get away for awhile, but you never can get enough of those sweet smiles and lovin from the two of them. Glad your vacation was fun and you had a great time!


Anonymous said...

This has to bee the cutest baby on earth of course next to parker too! What a sweet heart! I think Aunt Nanny needs to make a trip to Murphy to see her boys I miss them way too much!