Friday, November 19, 2010

My Baby is Getting Big!

Doesn't seem possible that Griffin should be this big ALREADY! He isn't looking like a newborn anymore, instead he is looking more like a toddler! Mommy is sad......REALLY sad! :(

These pics were taken just a few days ago when we were getting ready for his bath, he is always so happy during bath time! I think its because he likes being naked :)
That smile just makes me melt!

These pictures were taken today as I was putting up our Christmas tree (yes, I know we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, but I am all about getting it up early & enjoying it!) He was just watching every move I made while putting the tree he was really interested in what I was doing! And every time I stopped what I was doing & looked at him, this is what I would get in return................a BIG CUTE SMILE!

And I got yet another video of him laughing...this one with better lighting! :) I got him giggling this time by playing with his feet....they are quite tickilish (not sure how you spell that!) And if you can't see what his shirt says, it reads "Big Deal, just like my dad." His Aunt Cortney got it for him, and it is quite appropriate with our last name :) Thanks Aunt Cee-Cee!

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The Farleys said...

Oh my gosh! That hair!! Makes me smile!!