Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sick Little Turkey

This is how Parker spent his Thanksgiving! :( My poor baby has been sick! He started running a fever Tuesday night & after 2 days and a couple episodes of vomiting Thanksgiving morning, we ended up in the ER!
We left the house at 7:00am, hoping that we could get in & out before things got to busy at the hospital. When we arrived we were the only ones there.....Praise God! We sat for less than 5 minutes before getting called back to the exam room.
After a negative strep test, flu test, & chest x-ray, the doctor decided that Parker probably just had a virus, but since he did complain of right ear pain while we were there & because he had been running 103-104 degree fever consistently for 2 days, we did leave with an antibiotic!
He seems to be feeling a little better today, and after a 5 hour nap this afternoon, I think he is on the road to recovery! Now I just pray that Griffin doesn't get it!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Beth said...

poor little man! glad to hear he is getting back to normal. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend despite the rough start!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby boy. He looks so sad. Glad he is feeling better. Be glad when he is up and running around again. Love ma ma tashy and paw paw mark.