Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Griffin is 9 months!!

My baby turned 9 months old last week...

We had a little photo shoot to celebrate...

WARNING: Lots of photos ahead!!!

We started out in our flowerbed on the arbor bench....
And had some fun with the clematis!

So sweet!

I couldn't decide whether to post color or black & white so your getting both!! LOL!!
Too cute to make that decision!!

 The lighting was good in Parker's room so we took a few in there as well...
He loves bubby's room!!

He also loves bubby's rocking horse!! :)


This is his shy face...
what a flirt!!

We finished our shoot in the kitchen in front of the sliding glass door...
Lots of natural light there!!

And he was happy!!
Do you see those teeth?!  
He has 4 coming in on top!!
That brings his total to 6 all together!!


He had his 9 month well check today!
He weighed in at exactly 20lb & was 28.5" long...

 Baby boy is crawling everywhere & pulling up on everything!!

This pic is my favorite!!

How cute is that face?!

My baby is growing up way to fast!!

Sigh.... :(


Anonymous said...

great pics! I have such handsome grandbabies!!!! Love, mama kaffey

Anonymous said...

These pics are absolutely adorable! He is the cutest baby I have seen (Well of course next to Parker man too) He is changing everytime I see him!

Aunt Nanny