Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parker counts to 10 in Spanish

Okay....so now that we have figured out that we can upload our videos from our phones to youtube we are going to be posting videos more often! Here is a video I took tonight of Parker counting to 10 in Spanish.
Its something that he has been  learning in school.

I went for his parent/teacher conference last Friday & the teacher told me that he wasn't counting to 10 yet with the class...I said..."Hmmm that's funny because at home he counts to 10 in English & Spanish. She couldn't believe it! Apparently, he is more interested in other activities while the class is counting...
Oh well...looks like he is still picking it up!

This video is my proof!! :)


Anonymous said...

Parker Im sooo proud of you! I cant even count in spanish you have uno over on me! You are getting so big. But listen buddy you have to count for the teachers at school or their going to think mommy is crazy! lol

Love you much

aunt nanny

Anonymous said...

haha how funny! sounds like he has a little bit of aunt cee cee in him, if you recall I might have been "distracted" in school. At least it seems he has your intelligence lol :) lol He did so good! Love you and miss you guys!

AKA Aunt CeeCee