Friday, April 29, 2011

Griffin is 8 Months & A Day at the Park...

My little stinker turned 8 months old on April 19th...

Boyfriend is on the move!!!

Not only is he crawling everywhere, but he is also pulling up on anything & everything he can find!!

Which means we had to lower the matress in the crib so that he can't launch himself over the rail!!!


Let's hope that solves the problem!!

Some other Griffin stats...

He still just has the two teeth on bottom.
He is wearing 9 month clothing.
He started say da-da this past Monday.
And today I am pretty sure I heard him say bub-bub (parker).
He sleeps through the night (most nights).
He is eating fruits & veggies twice a day.
Drinking about 26-30 oz of formula a day.
He LOVES puffs & McDonalds french fries :)
(don't worry I only let him eat a couple!)

And for the most part...he is a pretty happy little boy!!

Today we had a play day at the park & of course
I brought my camera! Griffin is really easy to photograph
 because he pretty much stays put.... 

This was his first experience on the swings...I think they were a hit!!

That growling noise is new too, but don't worry...
it means he's HAPPY!

Parker on the other hand is way too busy playing
 to have his picture taken!!
I did, however, manage to snap a few...
This one arm behind the head thing is beyond me...
I think this is his super model pose!! Strutting his
stuff on the catwalk!

And getting a good pic of both of the two of them together....
You might as well forget it...

See what I mean?!?


Jill Meadows said...

Oh, Tonya! Your boys are gorgeous! And certainly growing way too fast! I just love these pictures. I'm sure you are enjoying every day with them:) Miss you bunches!!

Mom said...

toooooooo cute! You really got some good pics of Griffin and a few good pics of Parker. That one where they are together and he is pulling Parkers eye down to funny! It is really hard to get good pics of them together! One of thes days it will be easier! The videos are sooooo cute too! He look like he was having a great time! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! Griffin is a funny guy. I love seeing the boys so close. Keep up the good work with these pics love seeing them

love nancy