Friday, January 7, 2011

Parker's First Time on Roller Skates

Last weekend Parker had his first experience with roller skates! He had a birthday party to attend at the new Hot Wheels Skatium! His friend Brandon from church was turning 5 yrs. old & was
having a skating party to celebrate!

 This is the first roller skating rink in our area since I was a little girl! Going to this place was like a blast from the past for me! It was also my first time on roller skates in a very long time...
I'm talking probably 20 years!!!

My little man skating like a big boy!
What is great about this place.... they can tighten the wheels on the roller
skates so the kids can't go fast & therefore, they won't fall down!
Why or why didn't they have this when I was younger?!?
Instead of skating...Parker did a lot of this in the middle of the floor. He would pretend like he fell down so that I certain little girl would keep coming back to help him up! Everytime I tried to help him up, he wouldn't get up. He would point to the other little girl and tell me he was waiting for her!
 Lol! Boyfriend is 3 years old and already has it figured out!

Taking a break to watch the other kids skate for a while...
Had to get a pic of those cute skates! Aren't you loving the carpet! This stuff was even on the walls!
Sooo 80's! Love it!!!

They also had an arcade area with ski ball and other arcade games...

Concentrating on his ski ball game...
Racing Cars with his Daddy
More Ski Ball...
Skating with Mommy

Overall, his first time on roller skates was a hit!
I definitely think we will be visiting Hot Wheel Skatium again!


Anonymous said...

Look like he had such a great time, you will have to take him back sometime.
ma ma tashey

Anonymous said...

OMG Him on his skates is showing that he is growing up too fast! Wish I was closer to you guys to enjoy all these moments. Keep up with taking these pics with that new camera. Next time Im home parker were going skating!

Love you


Anonymous said...

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