Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 30th Birthday

So we actually were gonna do something fun to celebrate my 30th birthday, but unfortunatelty things didn't go the way we had planned...

My birthday fell on Monday this year, so we were just going to celebrate the weekend before. Earlier that week on Wednesday, Parker came down with the stomach flu (I know, I know, boyfriend has had one illness after another...gotta love pre-K!) Bobby & I were supposed to be leaving on Friday to go to Nashville, TN to celebrate my birthday. We were going to spend the night there, go out to dinner, go out downtown, & do some Christmas shopping on Saturday. Friday morning I woke up feeling horrible (think I had a touch of Parker's stomach flu) and Parker still wasn't 100%, so our little trip got cancelled :(

Cue Plan B....

The next set of plans just involved us all going over to my parents house for dinner, cake & ice cream on Monday night. My mom was making my great grandma's recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce...its to die for and I was really looking forward to going over there & just spending time with some of my favorite people. 

Monday morning, my mom called me and told me that she now had the stomach flu and didn't think that she would be able to have everyone over :(  Good news was, she had already made the spaghetti sauce & garlic bread! So, my dad brought it over that morning & we had it for lunch instead.

So as you can see, my birthday wasn't  going quite as I had planned...

Cue Plan C

We went to dinner as a family to Chili's in Carbondale!

I know, not super exciting for a 30th birthday celebration, but what were we supposed to do! Had no idea there was going to be a stomach flu epidemic! We were able to eat dinner with Bobby's sister, Chrissy & her husband James before they left to go back to Texas, so that was nice at least!

So here is our family pic from that night!

Thanks to picnik, I was able to do some editing to this pic! For a small fee, you can upgrade your account & have access to some touch-up options. They have everything from make-up, to teeth whitening, air brushing to wrinkle removal (helped to make me look not quite as old, LOL!)

So that is my 30th birthday in a nutshell...
What do you I deserve a do-over?

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Anonymous said...

YOU TOTALLY NEED A DO-OVER!! just like i did for my 21st lol go to st louis to the piano bar!! i love you sis