Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Griffin is 4 Months Old

So here I am trying to get some cute pics of my little one for his
 4 month blog post. Maybe I waited until it was a bit too late....

I'm  happy

I'm still pretty happy...

I'm getting annoyed...

"Mom...seriously, how many of those are you going to take?"

"That's it...I'm over it!"

Lol! This is how my little one works...happy one minute, mad at the world the next!

So the months just continue to fly by...Griffin is now 4 months old! And with that, he had to go back to see Dr. Korte last week for his 4 month well-check & his second set of immunizations. He weighed in at 14lb. 9oz. and was 26 inches long. Dr. Korte said he was looking great, but that she did have one concern....

His Neck!

We have noticed that Griffin tends to favor his right side, always wanting to turn his head that direction & also when trying to hold his head up, it always wants to tilt to the right. Dr. Korte noticed these symptoms while examing him in her office the day of his well-check. She said he has a mild case of torticollis. She said when a baby has torticollis, they display symptoms very much like Griffin's. The neck muscles are contracted and cause the neck to tilt to one side. She said that more than likely this was the way his head was positioned in the womb and he is just accustomed to holding it this way. Apparently,  it is a fairly common problem seen in newborns...

Although he does favor his right side, he IS able to turn his head to the left. If you sit on his left side and talk to him, he will turn his head to look at you. He also follows sounds by looking either direction. In some severe cases, babies with torticollis are not able to do this. Due to the fact that they favor one side over the other, it can also affect the shape of their head. In some cases, the baby will have to wear a MOLDING HELMET to insure that the head forms properly.  Upon examing Griffin's head, Dr. Korte said that the shape is looking just fine....THANK GOD!

I'm not gonna lie...the idea of him having to wear a molding helmet kinda definitely freaked me out! I was relieved when she said that his head was looking good! Fingers crossed it stays that way!

So how do we fix it? Dr. Korte said that this condition is very much treatable with physical therapy. Her office is supposed to be setting up a physical therapy consult for him & calling us to schedule it. She said that our insurance may pay for him to have therapy for up to 6 weeks, but in a lot of cases the therapist will just come to our home, show us some daily stretching exercises to do with Griffin on our own, and then come back a few weeks later to see how he is doing.

I will keep you up-to-date on how things are going with this & when he starts therapy! Just so thankful that its a problem that can be easily fixed!  


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for no molding helmet...it would totally ruin his hairstyle. Lol! I want to personally thank you for blessing me with 2 beautiful boys to spend our lives with! What in the world did we do before these two?....love the blog....keep sharing! Love you!

Fight the good fight,

Anonymous said...

WOW guys hang in there an I will say my prayers for you an griffin!Maybe there isnt a problem at all an he is just giving his flirty side with the tilt of the head... lol!I mean come on he is the cutest thing in the world!!!

Love you guys