Saturday, October 16, 2010

Parker's First Field Trip!

Parker went on his first field trip with his pre-k class, and because I am still off work on maternity leave, I was able to go too! It was a lot of fun & very informative for the kids...and moms too! We started off the field trip watching a Sesame Street video about fires, firefighters, and the fire station. After the video, the kids got to see a real life firefighter dressed up in all his gear! They wanted the kids to see the firefighter all dressed up so that they could see what they look like and if there is ever a fire, they won't be afraid to go to the firefighter for help. I'm not sure this worked for Parker though, he was still pretty freaked out by the get up & refused to shake the firefighter's hand!

They taught the kids about the firefighters gear and how it protects him from fire.

They showed the kids how the firefighters breathe using an oxygen tank which they carry on their backs....

They taught the kids about stop, drop, & roll and then asked for volunteers. Of course, Parker was all about it! Anything to get up out of his seat for a few minutes! lol!

They were taught to cover their faces while rolling.

After the video and discussion, the kids got to go outside and see the fire trucks....

And the cool pole that the firefighters slide down when they get called out for a fire...

All the kids got a chance to get up inside the fire truck for a picture (I'm hoping his teacher got a better one than I did!)

They also all got an opportunity to spray the water hose! How cool is that! I'm not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to spray it myself! :)

Parker was totally into this!

And how could you not be, when you got to spray the firefighter who was standing across the street!

But I think his favorite part of the whole field trip was getting to ride the bus to and from the fire station! Its the simple things that kids get the biggest kick out of!

And I had to get a picture of him with his field trip souvenirs...a fire helmet & an official firefighter badge! Too cute!

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