Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mommy & Parker at Murphysboro Lake

My mom and I decided to take Parker to Murphysboro Lake today to get some pictures of him with all the fall leaves, however, he did not like sitting in the leaves too well! They kind of freaked him out! So instead of it being a Parker photo shoot it ended up being a Mommy & Parker photo shoot. We did get some really cute pictures though, just wish Daddy could have been with us (he was out hunting), this would have been a great opportunity for a family picture!


The Guthman Family said...

Those are great pictures of you two! And what an adorable lion! your mom did an awesome job!

Brooke said...

Tonya, those are great pictures of you and your baby boy!! Did you get your hair cut?!? It is very cute, and you look great by the way! That is a great idea to go to the lake to get pictures, I may have to steal that idea, along with the walker I bought over the weekend (thanks for the info!). Take care! Brooke

Anonymous said...

tonya, those pictures turned out good. Heck, you saved yourself a ton of money and didnt have to buy a shitty frame like we did. thanks for the bday dinner we had a good time and need to get babysitters more often. brooks

Anonymous said...

tonya, that was alot of fun, a little chilly in the shade but i had alot of fun doing it. Watch out we may have a model in our family if we keep doing photo shoots with him. Wouldn't that drive Bobby and your dad crazy!!!
love you, mom