Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Easter/Spring Photo Shoot

I woke up...
The sun was shining...

It was an absolute beautiful day!!

My neighbor's Daffodil's were calling my name....

"Tonya....come take pictures of us!!!!"

So I did!

And I took some pictures of my kiddos as well!

They turned out so cute....

I think I am going to make some Easter cards with them !

I'm not usually a big yellow fan...

But these daffodils & forsythia in my neighbor's yard have me swooning today!

Don't they just scream spring!?!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday and
are out enjoying this beautiful day!!


Teresa said...

I love them, Tonya! Your little fellas are so handsome and the daffodils are a treat for the eyes. I'm with you on the yellow, but when it comes in the form of pretty spring bulbs, I become a huge fan!

Anonymous said...

Wow how beautiful they are but with the boys there it makes it even nicer! Love your pics girl keep it up


Deborah said...

So nice to meet you!
I hopped over from Michelles blog at Emerald Cove.
Im your newest follower (purehunnybee)
Love the flowers and your family is beautiful!
I noticed that you and I both have the same camera!
Come for a visit!

Deborah xo

BearShe Cottage said...

Your boys are so cute! Love your blog. Just discovered it. Can I ask you a question? Was it hard going from the regular blog design when you created your blog to one on I have been looking at their templets and I am sort of scared to do it? Any suggestions?

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