Thursday, October 25, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...I Love You Mom!

For those of you who know our family, you know that my mom battled breast cancer almost 3 years ago. She had a mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. She is now doing extremely well and is a proud grandmother to Parker. This month is very close to my heart because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and when I start seeing all the pink ribbons around in the stores it reminds me of how lucky I am to have my mother here! Breast cancer affects thousands of women every year young & old, please remind the women in your family to have their mammograms every year if they are 4o years of age & older. For those of you under 40, remember to do your self breast exams every month! Remember you don't have to have a family history to get this disease, the most common risk factor is just being a woman! Early detection saves lives! Love You Mom! I am so proud of you!


Brooke said...

Tonya...your post made me cry! I'm so glad she made it through and is doing good! It is a scary thought, yet scarier I'm sure to live through. Thanks for the post-I will now remember it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Brooke

Christy said...

Gosh, reading your post made me think back to the night before your mom's mastectomy to tell me...made me tear up a little. I'm so glad she is so strong and made it through everything with such a positive attitude. She's wonderful! Tell my 2nd mom hi!

Anonymous said...


Your post made me cry. Your mom is my wonderful niece and I love her so much. I'm so proud that she is so strong and I'm praying that she will be around to see all of her grandchildren grow up. I love the pictures of Parker.

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

thank you tonya for the things you said about me. I am so glad that I am doing so well. Every day gets me closer to that 5 year mark. It will be such a relief for that day to get here. It will be a great day to celebrate. I am looking forward to seeing my baby boy and my other grandchildren that you and your sister will bless me with. I love you, love mom