Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two Months Old!

Parker turned two months old last week. He is getting so big! He went for his 2 month well-check and weighed 10 lb. 11 oz. (50% in weight) and was 22.5 inches long (55% in height)! He is such a happy baby...he is smiling constantly and is cooing like crazy!


The Brooks Family said...

what a sweetie! we had so much fun visiting with you guys the other night and can't wait to do it again soon. Little Parker is so precious. Love this pic!

love you guys! see you soon!

Brooke G said...

That is so great that he is a good baby-very lucky! Sounds like he is growing like a weed too!! He's so cute hope to see him soon in person! Take care-Brooke